Individual and efficient:
Youbility's software development

Youbility makes it possible: Efficient individual software that optimizes your operation and generates more revenue in the long term.

Tailored solutions that deliver outstanding performance and effective usability - that's our passion

Alexander Selle - Architecture and Backend Development

Youbility is here to assist you with software development. We are the specialist for individualized software solutions which are tailored precisely to the needs of our customers. We are passionate about working with you to develop your efficient software product, whether you are looking for an industry-leading tool to plan business processes or manage finances, we are here to help.

Your software development agency usually creates web-based solutions. We pay particular attention to usability - the high user-friendliness of our products. We develop tools that are easy to use, highly efficient and very convincing. The intuitive user interface allows you to handle daily tasks faster, saving you time as well as money in the long run. When it comes to security, you can rely on us: Youbility from Dresden prides itself on carefully programmed tools, which work reliably and are ideally protected against failures and attacks.

Requirements analysis & documentation

The comprehensive requirements analysis as well as a careful documentation pave the way for your individual top product

Often, software is pre-processed to the customer's needs - not with Youbility! With us, accurate solutions are of paramount importance. Our experienced software developers have the necessary degree of empathy to recognize and identify the requirements of our customers. From the outset, we relate your wishes and needs and define all important core requirements. This ensures that you receive customized software tailored to your needs.

Of course we describe all relevant aspects carefully: Your new software is delivered with comprehensive and clear documentation. For you - but also in the context of subsequent further development measures - it sustains a clear understanding of how the software is built up and how a correct operation is carried out.

Business process modeling

A specific visualization of the important corporate processes - the basis for successful software solutions

The goal of our software development is to develop functional tools that relieve our customers in the day-to-day business, optimize processes and save on long-term costs. For this reason, we take a close look at your existing conditions and cover all relevant business processes. With careful business process modeling, Youbility becomes the foundation for solutions that integrate optimally and sustainably into your workflow.

System modeling & software architecture

Structured code and perfectly coordinated components enable powerful software systems

A software solution is only as good as the individual components that make it up. Not only that: It is just as important to ensure a perfect interaction of all modules as well as an overall well-structured program code. This is why we are particularly careful in the system modeling and planning of software architectures. Even before the first code lines are written, we define all the basic components and integrate them into a powerful overall system. Instead of spaghetti code you get from our software developers well-structured solutions, with exceptional performance.

Interface development

Link programs and web services to individual interfaces easily

Often times, software does not operate by itself, but must work cohesively with other applications on a daily basis. Youbility, as a specialist in software development, understand the need for multi-app cohesiveness, therefore we create the important links to programs. This allows the exchange of commands and data between different tools and systems. This is not only incredibly practical and ensures optimal software integration during operation: individual interfaces also save a lot of time and optimize work processes. Would you like to use other programs in the future? No problem: Extending already existing interfaces is possible!

Rapid application development (rad)

Fast and flexible software development thanks to modern development processes

As an agency for software development, we implement for you, individual solutions with outstanding usability. For this we work according to the concept of Rapid Application Development (RAD). The method makes it possible to create comprehensive software environments in a relatively short time, to quickly arrive at a first prototype, and to respond flexibly to change requests. Your advantage: Thanks to the application development with RAD, we can deliver your efficient solution in just a few weeks.

Test-driven development

Optimal software quality thanks to regular tests

In Youbility we know that your individual software does not only need to be programmed in a professional way and be powerful, but also convincing in practice. For this reason, we carry out extensive tests in all phases of software development. It is only when the software meets the exact predefined requirements, is really user-friendly and offers you added value, that we can truly be satisfied. Our test-driven development assures that you buy an excellent software product.

SaaS (software as a service)

Software always up to date with worldwide access

We offer you your individual tool as a software as a service model (SaaS). Instead of being installed locally on the computers, the new software is accessible via a cloud server. Your customers can access it from anywhere. If technical problems arise in your local IT system, the outsourced software remains unaffected and works flawlessly at all times. In addition, SaaS saves a high administrative burden: the new software can be used immediately and does not have to be set up in the system. For the most practical SaaS service, you can also choose a monthly fee instead of a one-time payment, which usually entails cost savings for customers - plus updates, add-ons and long-term support.

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